SERIES 4 – wiTtY wARdrObes; TOPIC 1- Clothing Capsule: Business Travellers (Women)

The one thing that most of us don’t enjoy about travelling is deciding which clothes to carry and which outfits to put together. Each person has a different reason or purpose of travelling. Some travel for fun, some for business, some are digital nomads, some for competitions of various sorts. Capsule wardrobes are a smart and effective way to dress classy and elegant without wasting much time deciding your outfit. 

Let us begin with Business Travellers. In their world, the laptop and official files take up most of their suitcase space and then come the pile of “wearing for sure” and “maybe going to wear” clothes. The only decision they should make this work trip is for clients and bosses, not for choosing from multiple attires. This blog guides you through a capsule wardrobe for women, and the next blog will be for men. 

Here is a list of must-have apparel for this capsule wardrobe for women business travellers. These, in turn, will help create quite a good number of ensembles for your work trip. 

  1. Upper-wear: 
  • Button-up shirts: The most common and essential item of a workplace outfit are button-up shirts. Your suitcase should include the original white shirt for sure. Other than that, you can have polka-dot filled, checks patterned, striped, beige-coloured, light blue, or even a light red-coloured shirt for formal meetings throughout your trip. Try to pack wrinkle-free shirts, i.e., made of linen, cotton, or lyocell.
  • Fancy Blouses/Tops: Almost every work trip has a relaxing, informal dinner or formal client meetings where you have to dress-to-impress. Pack a few elegant tops, particularly of colours like navy blue, baby pink, cream, grey, red and black, in that order. Faux silk, satin, and peplum blouses are preferred as they are minimalistic but dressy and befit almost every body type.
  • Plain T-shirts: At times when you get a day to relax, tour around, or have a lazy workday, then these can come very handy. You can wear them under your formal blazer or just over a pair of jeans with a cardigan, and you’re good to go. The must-have colours are white, grey or black.

2. Lower-wear:

  • Pants: The most comfortable bottoms for work, I present to you various types of formal pants. Who knew there were a plethora of options to choose from! The four kinds of pants that emit pure sophistication are straight pants, skin-tight pants, bootcut, and high-waisted pants, which are either plain, plaid, or striped. The most suitable colors are black, khaki, grey, navy blue, and white. For an off-site outing, bootcut pants are the most presentable. 
  • Skirts: Fond of fashion? Want to make a colleague jealous? Want to impress a colleague? This apparel makes you look sober, professional, yet approachable. Skirts can be experimented with as they have different cuts, designs, colours, and materials-feel free to do so. The classics, best for work skirt types, are pencil, A-Line, less-flared/Bell-shaped, and pleated, usually worn knee-length or below. The preferred colours are black, dark grey, red, navy blue, nude. 

3. Dresses:

  • Pencil Dress: The most simple yet chic dress to take on your work trip is a pencil dress. You can wear this on your most robust meetings and rock it with ease as it gives you confidence. The most elegant colours for this are lavender, beige, dark grey, and black and white. Pack the ones which have a breathable fabric so that it isn’t uncomfortable.
  • Bodycon Dress: The after-work party, heads turning in your direction as you enter the conference room. Ah, we all crave that. Bodycon dresses are perfect for that. Pair with a cute coat in winter, or a cardigan in summer, there you go. The best colours are maroon, green, coffee for evenings, peach and white for mornings. For evening parties, off-shoulder ones are preferred with a cute wallet to carry. These dresses look good with almost any accessory.
  • Sheath Dress: This is the perfect dress for women with an hourglass figure. Again these are suitable for both on-site and off-site meetings and add a confident oomph to your ensemble. The colours to carry are teal, grey, dull blue. Let it be simple yet impactful.
  • Peplum Dress: Spice up your look with some liveliness by packing up a must-have peplum dress on your work trip. This type is my personal favourite as it gives the illusion of a two-piece but is actually one. The preferred colours are neutral hues like nude, white, grey, to name a few.

4. Accessories: Last but one of the most important parts of your ensemble is accessories. The essentials for your work trip are as follows-

  • Blazer/Coats/Cardigans: Common formal blazers that you can choose from are- Single breasted, One button, Two Button, Three-button, Double-breasted, and Peplum Blazers and enhance your overall look. Coats add beauty with comfort during winter and cardigans during spring.
  • Footwear: Well, we’re not leaving for work without putting on some appealing footwear, are we? A pair of pumps (black or white) and heels(nude or black) are a must to carry. Other than that, you can also bring along either wedges, pointed toe flats, boots, or ballet flats in colours that match almost each clothing item.
  • Bags: Whether it be your laptop, your files, or your makeup essentials, a bag is indispensable for your formal attire. You can carry either a good quality tote bag, a shoulder bag, a laptop bag, or a structured purse that fits all the necessary items. Make sure to carry an evening-coloured clutch for your after-work gatherings. There are no specific colours for bags; however, make sure they complement your entire outfit.
  • Jewellery: Watches are a must, carry one or two watches for your professional look. Simple neckpieces, not very flashy, along with some studs to complete your travel kit. However, do not carry one jewellery for each day; you can repeat some items. 
  • If you want, there are other cute accessories to prep up your array. These include sunglasses, fake glasses, scarves, and stockings.

Here are a few outfits that I find perfect for your business travel capsule wardrobe! Do have a look!

White button-up shirt, navy blue boot-cut pants, diamond stud earrings, silver belted watch, black tote bag, beige-ish heels, black rimmed fake glasses
White peplum dress, beige overcoat, nude heels, sunglasses, black and gold watch, shaded brown shoulder bag for work, black marc jacobs shoulder bag for after work gathering, simple layered golden necklace, golden studs
Grey collarless open blazer, grey pencil skirt, peach-ish cream with ribbon satin blouse, peach structured purse, black boots, dull golden bracelet, matt golden studs

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