SERIES 3 – aEsTHeTiC aVeNuEs; TOPIC 4 – The Northern Lights (Part 2)

Hey guysss, hope you all are staying safe and healthy. Whether we like it or not, we know that there won’t be any travelling for everyone over the next few months. Thanks to the internet along with tourist reviews, that even without travelling to these places myself, I have attempted to give you a virtual travel experience of some of the most beautiful, aesthetic places on Earth and will continue to do the same during the next few weeks. Enjoy!

Continued from Part 1 ~

  • Russia-  

Северное сияние россии (Pronounced as- Severnoye siyaniye rossii) (Northern Lights of Russia)

The location of Russia has worked for the benefit of Northern Lights viewing since the Arctic Circle passes through half the country. The entire Kola Peninsula is a splendid and prime location for admiring the beauty of the dancing lights. Murmansk in the Kola Peninsula has over 40 days of continuous night and hence is ideal for viewing these Lights. Murmansk is also the World’s largest city above the Arctic Circle! The sky above the Khibiny Mountains in the Kola Peninsula beams and shines brightly with the colourful Aurora Borealis. Frozen lakes, waterfalls, snow-covered peaks, all add to the picturesque destination. This area is easily accessible and can be travelled in snowmobiles. In the heart of the Russian North, Arkhangelsk, the Lights become brighter as you move away from the more populated areas. This region is also home to Severodvinsk city which has magnificent wooden architecture and ruins, that compliment the awe-inspiring phenomenon. If you want to enjoy the preserved Nenets culture, their myths, legends, some interesting theories about the Lights along with relishing in them, then go on a journey to Naryan-Mar. It is unique and pleasant. A combination of roaming reindeers in snow and the shimmering Northern Lights seem to be a part of a fairytale book. Novaya Zemlya, one of the most extreme locations, makes this once-in-a-lifetime experience possible. Taimyr, “the edge of the cold”, the “land of rare Northern Lights”, has 285 days of winter, north of this peninsula. The Northern Lights here comprise of almost every colour of the rainbow. Stunning streaks of orange, yellow, pink, purple, green will be seen like a mesmerizing painting. Another such city is Salekhard in the Yamal region. Those long, dark, never-ending nights have multi-coloured Aurora Borealis as rays of hope. Ironically, the local Nenets call it “Nger Harp” – “the light of the dead”. The low temperatures of the Yamal Peninsula are worth staying in not just for the extraordinary Lights but also for taking part in Northern Nomads’ lifestyle, experiencing their ancient culture. Locals of the city of Vorkuta say that towards North Vorkuta, the Aurora can be seen even in the summer. However, during winter, they can be seen in the morning, afternoon, and evening as well with flamboyant green, red, white designs in the sky.

ура !! (Pronounced as- ura !! ) (Cheers !!)

  • Northern Canada– 

Northern Lights of Canada

Northern Canada has some of the most spectacular sightings of Aurora Borealis due to its latitude of 65.8° North and minimal light pollution. 64.2823° N- This location of Yukon territory has secured its position on the list of the World’s best places to see the Northern Lights. In this territory, the city of Whitehorse keeps in mind both a tourist’s comfort and perfect Aurora viewing destination. Whitehorse has the best Northern Lights hotels in all of Canada. Most have majestic Chalets with huge glass windows to adore the Aurora Borealis peacefully in the warmth of your cozy Chalet. The Northwest Territories lie in the Auroral Zone. Its capital, Yellowknife, is one of the most famous places to enjoy the graceful Lights due to its flat landscape and cloudless skies. The remote dwelling of Tujtoyaktuk, also a part of these territories, will guarantee you some splendid, heavenly show of the Lights. There are waves and lines of purple, red, green, and all very bright its an incredibly alluring experience. Another remote territory of the Arctic is the Nunavut Territory. In its capital, Iqaluit on Baffin Island, you’ll have a beautiful, snowy backdrop and the Aurora Borealis enveloping you. If you love an eerie silence and are a fan of chilly weather, this is the place for your escapade as it is the most deserted place for viewing the Lights. Take a long trek to the viewpoint in Churchill, Manitoba, located just below the Auroral Oval, to get an ogle-worthy sight of the Lights(one of the best). You may even be lucky enough to meet a cuddly polar bear, too! Head to the Canadian Rockies and admire the Northern Lights with complementary city lights, gorgeous mountain ranges, and a starry night. The two most photogenic landscape views will be achievable at Banff National Park and Jasper National Park. Near the research centre of Aurora Borealis, the Athabasca University Geophysical Observatory, Alberta lies an ethereal trail. An unreal, utopian forest is a part of this trail, so is the Athabaska River. Use cross-country skis to travel around or take a stroll and savour its beauty as the Lights hover over you. Lake Superior, Ontario, has a vast region of water on one side. Its north shore gives an elegant awe-filled background to the Lights. The scenic Gulf Shore Parkway at Prince Edward Island has minimum light pollution, low population, haunting dark skies, open views of the sky. You can just take a drive gazing skyward, or stop at Covehead Lighthouse and capture the graceful Aurora Borealis.

Cheers !!

  • Greenland– 

This sentence is in Danish, I could not find an English to Greenlandic (one of the official languages of Greenland along with Danish) translator sorry!!

Nordlys i Grønland (Northern Lights of Greenland)

At the World’s Largest Island, the Northern Lights are best seen on a dark, cloud-free autumn/winter night. The locals compare it to fluttering yellow-green curtains. Greenland is an ideal location since it is mostly uninhabited. Kangerlussuaq is one such location with clear skies and a low population. It is popular among tourists, primarily due to the marvelous views from the top of the Greenland Ice Cap. Greenland Ice Cap covers 80% of the country and is easily accessible from Kangerlussuaq. It is known for giving the World’s most magnificent view of the Aurora Borealis. The comfort of the second largest city, Sisimiut, is best for wanderers. Visit the outskirts of this town, and according to the accurate forecast time, you can easily see the Northern Lights. The enormous UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ilulissat Icefjord, will render you speechless. Now imagine that, combined with the phenomenal Northern Lights, would be a magical sight to behold. An icy bluish-green shade takes over the entire sky, and it’s an exquisite circumstance. The small village of Kulusuk, enriched in Greenland’s history, will let you see the Lights while hiking, dog-sledding, and fishing among many activities. The 250 people there are sure to provide a warm, hearty welcome. Lastly, the city of Tasiilaq on the eastern coast of Greenland is undoubtedly for adventure-lovers. Partaking in Greenland’s incredible outdoor adventures while also looking at an abstract painting come to life is the thrill an adventurous person seeks. 

Skål !! (Cheers !!)

Stay home, stay safe((:


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