SERIES 3 – aEsTHeTiC aVeNuEs; TOPIC 4- The Northern Lights (Part 1)

Hey guysss, hope you all are staying safe and healthy. Whether we like it or not, we know that there won’t be any travelling for everyone over the next few months. Thanks to the internet along with tourist reviews, that even without travelling to these places myself, I have attempted to give you a virtual travel experience of some of the most beautiful, aesthetic places on Earth and will continue to do the same during the next few weeks. Enjoy!

Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis, are a natural display of vivid, bright lights seen in the Earth’s sky, particularly in colours of green, pink, purple, yellow, and red. This bewitching, magical phenomenon is caused when gaseous particles of the Earth’s atmosphere collide with charged particles released from the Sun’s atmosphere. This, however, is the scientific reason. At the same time, the ancients have so many mythical theories that are extremely interesting to read about. Click here.

Find locations with high solar activity, the darkest night skies, minimum artificial light or clouds, and book your tickets between September and March. You’re good to go.
Here are some of the countries which provide the most alluring, aesthetically pleasing Aurora-watching experience!

  • Norway – Nordlys i Norge (Northern Lights of Norway) This Scandinavian country houses one of the highest numbers of Northern Light viewing locations. The Northern Lights in Norway are best seen between 65° North and 75° North. Tromsø, “the capital of the Arctic”, lies in the middle of the aurora zone, at 69° North, and is the largest city of Northern Norway. One of the best views would be standing before the Lyngsalpene mountain range(East of Tromsø) and getting mesmerized by the colourful showers emerging above it. The cloudless, sparkling night skies of Lyngenfjord, make it one of the most photographed northern light viewing destinations. Watch the purples, the greens spread over and dance across the heavens, above the mountaintops. As you chase the Northern Lights, you’ll come across the perfect wallpaper like picturesque land of Lofoten Islands. Sit ready at the northern side of these islands to revel in the Aurora with a great background. Svalbard, the northernmost point of viewing the lights, located very close to the North Pole at 78° North, is the only place where the Northern Lights can be seen during the day as well! It is a different and unimaginable experience altogether. Its polar location leads to almost complete darkness from November to February. Lastly, Alta gets a lot of tourists as well due to its not-so-low temperatures. Jubel !! ( Cheers !!)
  • Iceland– Norðurljós Íslands (Northern Lights of Iceland) The “Land of Fire and Ice” fulfills a traveller’s dream of chilling with the “Green Lady” (Name given to the Northern Lights by inhabitants of Iceland). The best opportunity is at a location of 65° North. The ideal time to watch Aurora Borealis is between 9:30 p.m and 1:00 am in most of Iceland. The remote town of Westfjords allows you a recluse getaway while watching the lights as you move further away from the bright cities, enjoying its autumn beauty. Ride up to North Iceland(mostly to the East of North Iceland), having longer hours of darkness and enjoy the Auroras with volcanoes and glaciers within your line of sight. Reykjavik has nearly 20 darkness hours a day at the time of winter equinox. Watch the mighty lights at Grótta lighthouse, admiring the streaks of green, purple, white, and a little orange(during sunset) flow in the sky. Öskjuhlíð hill overlooks a seashore and a forest, providing with a pleasant scenery to enjoy the Northern Lights. Also, many cruises from Reykjavik and Akureyri allow tourists to hop on, view the Lights as well as wave at a few whales. Skál !! (Cheers !!)
  • Finland– Suomen pohjoisvalot (Northern Lights of Finland) Imagine lying in a glass igloo, looking up to see the sky changing colours, blessing us with the beauty of the “revontulet” (Finnish word for the Northern Lights). This is what you get at the Finnish Lapland, my personal favourite. Combining adventures and sightseeing is the most common means of adoring Aurora here. Go snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, or sled dog touring underneath the colourful “fox fires” a.k.a the Finnish Northern Lights. The best time is between 10:00 pm and 2:00 am where these Lights are the most breathtaking. Kemi is the most famous town for viewing them due to its perfect position and famous Snow Castle. You can get comfortable in glass villas located right on the outskirts of this town. The lakeside, small village of Nellim lets you savour the Aurora Borealis with shimmering waters under the night sky. You can go hunting and chasing the Northern Lights. Still, there are a few places specially designed with architectural perfection that will give you the most enjoyable views. Yllas Ski resort is located on a street that turns off its illumination after 10 pm for the spectacular display. Luosto ski resort blares an “Aurora Alarm” whenever the Northern Lights appear. The resort village of Saariselkä consists of a plethora of glass igloo resorts to get warm and cozy under the heavenly Lights. Levi ski resort also has glass igloos and specialized Aurora Cabins to help you make the most of your journey. Lastly, the city of Inari, located 68°50′ North, 265km North of Arctic Circle, shows stunningly bright stripes, providing with one of the best views in its open, clear skies. Kippis !! (Cheers !!)
  •  Alaska– Northern Lights of Alaska The most active Aurora belt in the world is Alaska’s Great Interior. The best time to view the Northern Lights here is between 10:00 pm and 2:00 am, midnight is the prime time, but always stay alert. The ideal location for getting the most excellent light show is between 65° north and 70° North latitude. Coldfoot, in the Alaskan Arctic, has its sky beaming with the most vibrant colours of pink, green, purple, and yellow. The famous Coldfoot Camp at the Brooks Mountain Range allows an extremely high possibility for a magnificent display of the Northern Lights. Fairbanks at 64° North lies in the Auroral Oval, an area hovering right above the North Pole. Due to this location, it is one of the best places in the world to view the flamboyant Lights. During winter, this city will be covered in snow at the bottom with a shower-like multi-coloured sky above. On the northern edge of Alaska at 71° North latitude is Barrow’s small town, with its starry, dark sky. Wait for the perfect time, as the heavens change colours, showing the breathtaking beauty with multiple shades of green. St. Elias National Park, Wrangell has heart-flattering snow-covered mountains and glistening glaciers, making it an alluring Aurora-watching destination. Denali National Park, known for the highest mountain peak in North America, has a similar scenery with a bonus of snow-covered pine trees during winters. Narnia does exist after all. If you want to get acquainted with the culture of rural Alaska, interact with the inhabitants under the dazzling skies of aloof Nome. Take the Juneau cruise to get a different view of the Northern Lights with shimmering water beneath and the Lights in the distance, a perfect picture. Cheers !!
  • Sweden– Nordljus i Sverige (Northern Lights of Sweden) Absolutely any city that is a part of the quarter-country covering Swedish Lapland, is greeted by the Northern Lights. Here, the lights can be seen as early as 6:00 am, but the most spectacular reveal is between 10:00 pm and 11:00 pm. The most fantastic experience will be for you to get a close-up view of the Northern Lights. A Northern Lights flight is operated by Spaceport Sweden in Kiruna, allowing you to feel the phenomenon, gliding through the Lights. Get bundled up in all your best woollens and head to the Aurora Sky Station at Abisko National Park. The graceful, dancing Lights will make you forget about everything else, including the chilly weather! The underpopulated town of Jukkasjärvi is home to the world-famous Icehotel. First in the world as well, and the shiny crystals never disappoint to complement the Aurora-watching escapades. Porjus lies on the edge of a gorgeous lake with the scenery straight out of a fairy-tale book. Enjoy a romantic evening with the Aurora Borealis watching over you since it will surely provide great views, as it is only 60km away from the Arctic Circle. See nature at its best, take a stroll amongst fresh air as you reach the northern town of Jokkmokk while chasing the Lights. Luleå, a coastal city in Lapland, is also an excellent destination for the bright green, purple swirls to appear in its clear skies and pleasant atmosphere. Although, a cozy lodge, in the middle of the woods, surrounded by pine trees, enveloped in snow, seems extremely picture-perfect for enjoying the Northern Lights in Sweden. That’s achievable at Pine Tree Lodge, Särkimukka. Skål !! (Cheers !!)

Tighten your seat belts, get ready for the journey of Aurora Borealis in Russia, Northern Canada and Greenland, coming up next! To be continued in part 2….

Stay home, stay safe((:


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