SERIES 3 – aEsTHeTiC aVeNuEs; TOPIC 3- Whitehaven Beach, Australia

Hey guysss, hope you all are staying safe and healthy. Whether we like it or not, we know that there won’t be any travelling for everyone over the next few months. Thanks to the internet along with tourist reviews, that even without travelling to these places myself, I have attempted to give you a virtual travel experience of some of the most beautiful, aesthetic places on Earth and will continue to do the same during the next few weeks. Enjoy!

Welcome to Whitehaven Beach, Queensland, Australia.

Whitehaven Beach is a 7km long stretch, the largest of the most beautiful island group of Australia, i.e., the majestic Whitsundays. This beach got its name from the fact that the sand here is made from 98.9% pure silica and does not retain heat at all, hence, soft, delicate, and, of course, a heart-flattering white. The portrayal of nature at its most untouched, most original form, made it a safe haven. Pure silica sand has accumulated at the beach due to continuous sea currents over millions of years. You can take a comfortable stroll with the sun right above, not feel like your feet are on fire while enjoying the beauty of those swirling, turquoise waters.

Doesn’t it feel unearthly and maybe like Paradise? 

You can reach this island either by a boat(speedboat), as part of a cruise, through ocean rafting, or a helicopter. There are two routes to arrive here: from Airlie Beach and from Hamilton Island. One of the best features about Whitehaven is that it has absolutely no shops, no restaurants, nothing to disturb an unreal, recluse visit. So don’t forget to pack plenty of food and water from Hamilton Island. 

There are different means of relishing the breathtaking, most photographed beach of Australia. Walk hand in hand, feel the sea and sand at once at the shallow shoreline of Whitehaven. Experience it the lavish way as you get a royalty like treatment on a Catamaran cruise or in the privacy of a boat or yacht. Get on the seaplane to get the best of both worlds- the aerial view and interacting with its underwater world as it glides through the water surface. Hop on a helicopter if you’re not afraid of heights to see an abstract painting come to life as the white sand swirls with the blue sea with a picturesque view of corals. Photography lovers are going to cherish hiking up Hill Inlet to reach the Tongue Point and capture land meeting endless water.

It’s lovely, isn’t it? 

Moving onto the essential, and my favourite- the water activities. Whitehaven Beach allows you to sail or jet ski through its waters to interact with marine life, from turtles to dolphins. The most exciting part is the wave from mighty humpback whales, which are spotted during the colder season. As you snorkel, make sure to snap a selfie with the turtles. The Whitehaven underwater-world belongs to the famous Great Barrier Reef. Diving deep welcomes you into ‘a whole new world’ of corals and picture-perfect reefs. It’s easy and entirely comfortable to swim here as there are no large waves or rip tides. Have the time of your life, swim, and scuba-dive with sleek manta rays, rare but dangerous saltwater crocodiles, along with a plethora of cute little tropical fish. Manta rays, for the most part, are friendly to humans and won’t mind if you capture their smooth, graceful movements. 

After a tiring trip, you finally get to relax and rejuvenate on the beach, admiring the forest scenery as you meet and greet a Goanna or the Lace Monitor Lizard while listening to the chirping of small Asian Geckos. (let’s just ignore the presence of slimy, wet green tree frogs and cane toads;))


Stay home, stay safe((:


*I do not own these pictures*


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