SERIES 3 – aEsTHeTiC aVeNuEs; TOPIC 2- Colourful Streets Of Istanbul,Turkey

Hey guysss, hope you all are staying safe and healthy. Whether we like it or not, we know that there won’t be any travelling for everyone over the next few months. Thanks to the internet along with tourist reviews, that even without travelling to these places myself, I have attempted to give you a virtual travel experience of some of the most beautiful, aesthetic places on Earth and will continue to do the same during the next few weeks. Enjoy!

İstanbul’un renkli sokaklarına hoş geldiniz.(Welcome to the colourful streets of Istanbul)

First, let me make you familiar with Istanbul. Istanbul is one of the most culturally and historically rich cities in Turkey and is the most populous. It is home to the majestic Bosphorus strait which divides the two major continents, Europe and Asia. Apart from the delicious treats, splendid, detailed architecture, and the welcoming nature of the natives, Istanbul has some hidden avenues that are going to attract you the most.

Let me introduce you to the most colourful district of Istanbul. Balat district lies on the European side of the city and is an abode to mesmerizing, colourful streets and aesthetic, cozy multi-coloured houses. These places are hidden, maybe cowering away between two shops, hoping someone greets them with their presence. You’ll have to see carefully as you walk through a neighbourhood where history meets hipster.

This will turn out to be a once in a lifetime experience where you are in a Narnia like situation as you climb up the rainbow steps and enter a world where each wall is unique. Exquisite street art with graffiti, modern, eclectic pastel-colored bohemian cafes, vintage-styled local shops, and cute, vibrant homes will warmly welcome you to over a 200-year-old dwelling. Festive season greets you with simple yet flamboyant umbrella decoration.

It resides Jewish, Greek Orthodox, and a few Armenian communities and was previously called the Jewish quarter. This will let you explore magnificent synagogues, churches, and architecturally well-defined schools. Don’t forget to begin your day with a fulfilling Turkish breakfast which includes tomatoes, cucumbers, bread, and your eggs just how you’d like, with many other things. Cooklife Balat, Balatkapi cafe are two of the most famous cafes for breakfast. Wait your day isn’t over yet! Go grab a relaxing dinner with their staple dish lahmacun, best kebabs, Turkish pizza, baklava for dessert at Forno restaurant, and many other mouth-watering eateries.

After spending an entire day or two in Balat, visit the streets of Fener district right behind it. Their beauty lies in wooden, old houses, sidewalk bistros, age-old churches like the Church of St. George, mosques, and the multicultural Phanar Greek Orthodox College. After a tiring day of mind-blowing sight-seeing, go to a meyhane in the Fener neighbourhood to relax with alcohol and some meze right before a delicious meal. Beyoglu district has some of the best meyhanes however, Fener has quite a few good ones too. At the end of the day, as you walk into your hotel room, jump on your bed and get cozy under the sheets listening to the city chaos lulling you to sleep with promises of dreams about a fascinating trip.

So, put on your most comfortable shoes to embrace this steep-sloped journey of walking, clicking, dining, and admiring.

Şerefe !! (Cheers!!)

Stay home, stay safe((:


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