SERIES 2 – flAvORouS fOoD; TOPIC 3 – Dhokla Fondue

My family and I visited a restaurant named “The Secret Kitchen” located in Vadodara, Gujarat, India and wanted to try something different. Scouring through the menu stating different dishes and delicacies, I came across this indo-western, fusion dish called the “Dhokla Fondue”.

Amongst the various unique dishes, this one caught my eye and I immediately decided to order it. Trust me when I say that it was one of the best decisions of my life, as far as food is concerned.

I was curious to try it out and couldn’t wait. Soon the waiter brought our dish and its delicious aroma wafted into my nose. The dish was placed in front of me with an eye-catching presentation. The hot fondue on its stand, the yellow sponge-cake(Dhokla) garnished with black mustard seeds, chopped cilantro and curry leaves sprinkled on top was accompanied by a colourful sliced salad. Finally, it was time for me to taste it and either be happy about my choice or regret the same(which, obviously I didn’t haha).

The main part of the dish was Dhokla along with the fondue as cheesy “khatta moong“(sour whole green lentils). These two separate Indian dishes acted as ingredients for the main Switzerland origin dish, the fondue.

I picked up a piece of the soft, spongy Dhokla with the fork and dipped it in the semi-solid fondue. Taking the first bite, the spicy, sour, cheesy, nutty, tasteful flavours hit me all at once as the combination of both items melted in my mouth beautifully, making it a delectable experience.

Well, we all know what happened after that. I think I barely left anything for my parents to eat later as the dish kept beckoning me to have it, bite after bite. I grew so fond of this remarkable fondue that each time we went to that restaurant, I made sure to order this dish.

Take care, and stay safe((:



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