SERIES 2 – flAvORouS fOoD; TOPIC 1 – Chocolate Bomb

Who doesn’t love desserts? Well at least according to me, most of the human population never say no when offered a dessert. From cupcakes to puddings to varied chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, mint, and/or your own cultural delicacies, they all turn out to be irresistible.
Now, let’s dig into my experience of savouring one such dessert, popularly known as the “Chocolate Bomb”. Looking at the large dish with ice cream on the sides, a base made entirely of chocolate with sprinkled white choco-chips and finally the large brown spherical heaven-on-a-plate placed right in the centre was itself mouth-watering. The wait and the anticipation of what was to come next was almost unbearable.
Slowly, as hot melted chocolate was poured on the sizzling plate, the hard exterior of the chocolate bomb began to melt and reveal the unexplored mystery within. As soon as the waiter left our table, my spoon instantly dived and sought out the sweet, chocolate crumbs and ice cream inside the bomb.
Mhm absolutely delicious, the perfect amount of sweetness, crunchiness entered my digestive tract and I felt an emotion of utter bliss. I think I kept on eating and eating until I could see the white plate beneath despite having a full-fledged dinner just minutes before. Truly lip-smacking.
Take care and stay safe((:


Yum yum


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