SERIES 1- tRAveLleR tAleS ; TOPIC 1- Paris

(Visited in Nov’18)

What was the first thing that came to your mind when you read the word Paris? A dream destination? Couple’s paradise? Fashion capital?
It is all those things and so much more…
One of the most historic and famous monuments of the city is the Eiffel Tower standing tall in all its glory. The iron pillar, being the most visited location, it oozes confidence, strength and makes people look up to its stature. Its beauty multiplies when looked at from the mighty cruise of Seine River with its dancing waters and beautiful scenery by its sides. The feeling is overwhelming while being up there. The anxious wait to go reach the top and then the extravagance glorifies when one looks at the large city turn tiny, looking at the symmetrical houses and structures.
The tales of the victorious Arc de Triomphe haven’t been unheard. Standing in all its might, it also has a proud story to tell. Apart from these places, there’s the glorious Lovre Museum along with the Cathedral and its religious visitors.
The city is also home to delicious coffees, homely-cozy cafes, and diners that look like they have directly come out of a fantasy. (Ps – They are actually very comfortable and cute!).
Walking across the Champs- Elysees, looking at all those different people, has always been a sight of wonder. Locals with their iconic fashion looks and couture, couples walking hand-in-hand fascinated and locking their love in each other’s hearts.Different people having different stories, different cultures, different destinations, all residing or visiting and mesmerized by this one place, Paris- the city of love.


The Seine River cruise.

The Eiffel Tower


18 thoughts on “SERIES 1- tRAveLleR tAleS ; TOPIC 1- Paris

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    It’s just as amazing as you are…..
    Just loved the content….
    And hoping to see more blogs like this in the future too……
    And keep it up…..

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